Albany Bulb Amulets
Virtual Exhibition 2020


Adrián Arias curated the AMULETS virtual exhibition. 


"It was an idea to be created at the Albany Bulb in April but the covid19 pandemic started. The willpower and desire to create a protective object led us to create an Amulet during our confinement. Here is a collection of 11 Amulets created by artists from the community. Each one has a brief explanation. The photos were taken keeping the social distance and the mask."

- Adrián Arias

Mara is one of the artists participating in this virtual exhibition. Her amulet is titled "Creative Solutions."


"My hope is that we allow our creativity to guide us and by doing so we may find solutions to the problems we are facing without unnecessary limitations."

- Mara Lea Brown

Artists: Adrián Arias, Ani Arias-Aragon, Emma Brown, Jenna Frisch, Kata Miletich, Mara Lea Brown, Melissa Cruz and Bob San, Maite Gascó Juscafresa and Raul Vargas, Susan Matthews, and Susan Moffat


Photos: Adrián Arias

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