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The Hummingbird's Visit: Día de los Muertos 2023
SOMArts, October 6 – November 3, 2023

Now in its 24th year, SOMArts’ annual Día de Los Muertos exhibition is one of the most internationally diverse Day of the Dead celebrations in the United States.

Founded by beloved San Francisco artist and curator René Yañez, Día de Los Muertos at SOMArts merges traditional altars with contemporary installations, continuing to be a multigenerational gathering of remembrance while asserting the role of art as a platform for collective action. Continuing the legacy of René Yañez’s work, curator Rio Yañez welcomes co-curator Bridgétt Rex to the exhibit.

The title of this year’s exhibit, The Hummingbird’s Visit, is fluttering in symbolism. Representing a bridge between the living and the dead where we can connect to those we have lost, artists are invited to create contemporary and traditional altar installations that honor, celebrate, and mourn those whose work, vision, and brilliance have helped to shape our lives.

This year’s exhibition is dedicated to Raul Pizzaro, Juanishi Orosco, Paul Reubens, and all the artists we have lost this year.


Exhibiting Artists
Adrian Arias
Andres Alvarez
Azucena Hernandez
Candi Farlice
Christy Chan
David Tafolla
Jos Sances
Jose Lott
La Familia Brown
Lucia Grossberger Morales
Luz Carrazana
Lyn Patterson
Mary Jhun
Michelle Ibarra
Miguel Novelo
Monique Lopez
Rebecca Rodriguez
Roberta Alvarado
Sen Mendez
Susana Aragon

Victor Mario Zaballa
Xtal Azul


Curated by
Rio Yañez
Bridgétt Rex


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