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Zhina Mahsa Amini.png

Say Her Name

2022 MAPP

Red Poppy Art House

October 1, 2022

Live drawing and painting by

Emma Timberlea Brown and
Mara Lea Brown 

Be the voice of the voiceless… In solidarity with women fighting for their rights, from US to Iran ​​

“Women, Life, Freedom”

She rises… her hair flying in the wind… her voice lifting to the sky… her being becoming the fire that melts the frozen grounds of time… SAY HER NAME… say it loud… ​ Mahsa Amini the 22 year old female whose death enflamed thousands of women and men to rise up. For, the future IS female… and #metoo is a global movement of our time… A monumental uprising for feminism and women rights, against police brutality and oppression is happening in Iran right now… Say Her Name… Be the voice of the voiceless…



Our October 1st, 2022 MAPP

(Mission Arts Performance Project)

is dedicated to courageous Iranian women fighting for their rights.

Saturday, October 1st, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm | FREE ​ ​

7:05 - 7:35 Diana Gameros (Mexican songstress, social justice activist)

7:40- 8:10 Music of Kurdistan, the land of “Mahsa Amini” (By Sirvan Manhoubi)

8:15 - 9:00 Without Borders (Duo: Persian traditional music influenced by Jazz & Flamenco) Emad Bonakdar - Tar, Setar, Guitar Nima Hafezieh - Piano

9:05 - 10:00 Songs of Hope and Freedom (Trio: Soul & blues infused with Iranian melodies & poetry) Adrienne Shamszad - Vocal & Guitar Aaron Kierbel - Percussion Paul Martin-Sounder - Bass


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@missionlocal @maraleabrown @aidishams @akierbel @paulsounder #mahsaamini @missionlocal @redpoppyart @dianagameros @emadbonakdar_official @nimahafezieh @sirvan_manhoobi Thanks to @arezooislami #mahsaamini #mahsaaminiمهسا_امینی @missionlocal @aidishams @akierbel @emadbonakdar_official @nimahafezieh @emma_t_brown

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To learn more about Red Poppy Art House click here.

To learn more about MAPP click here. ​

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