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Quarantine Coloring Book - Beautiful colors!!!

Check out the amazing things people have been doing with the drawings from the Quarantine Coloring Book!

Here are some progress photos from Heather and Gretchen and Claire:


Below are some beautifully colored in drawings from Renée, Kathey, Nathalie and Sara. I love how the same drawing can turn out looking so different!


The drawings from Quarantine Coloring Book are also being used as a resource for teachers. The students have been coloring, describing, analyzing and finding different elements in the images. Below is some creative work by Kaysee and Amy!


Some people have even been adding new elements to be found in the drawings. Sonia added a ladybug, a caterpillar and many other details!

You can click here to see many more!

If you would like to share yours, please click here to contact me! You can also use the tag #2020quarantinecoloringbook on facebook or instagram.

We can do this!


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