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Pre-Release Celebration: Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution

The Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution deck of cards will be available in December!

We celebrated the Pre-Release of the Tarot in Pandemic project on October 30, 2021! It was presented in partnership with Red Poppy Art House, Nomadic Press, and Baldocchi Projects & Collaborations.

Please click here to see the recording of the presentation:

This free event celebrated the exquisite Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution deck curated by Adrian Arias who took us on a beautiful multi-disciplinary journey with poets, visual artists, musicians and dancers whose works are featured in the deck.

This event also featured an auction of one-of-a kind Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution prints and box sets created by Adrian Arias.

Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution, inspired by Adrian Arias’ lucid dream of a fortune teller and cards embellished with images of viruses, masks, Black Lives Matter, marches, and protests, is a unique 81-card Tarot deck. It is accompanied by an exquisite book of poetry, created by 67 internationally-recognized artists and poets (24 visual artists, 43 poets) with deep ties to the San Francisco Bay Area, who span three generations. These award-winning poet laureates, novelists, authors, muralists, painters, graphic artists, performance artists, composers, musicians, and dancers are each committed to social, environmental, food, public health, and climate justice, and have used their powerful talents to create tarot images and poems in response to the critical times we are living in. This deck is a bold expression of hope, resilience, resistance, and the courage to continue forging a path to justice and love.

Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution can be pre-ordered at

Emceed by Nazelah Jamison

Performances by Rupa Marya, Adrian Arias, Tania Esmeralda Padilla, Pancho Peskador, Jodie Kleeman, Robert Wyald, Mara Lea Brown, Paul Flores, Mark Eisner, Kim Shuck, Guillermo Galindo, & Susana Aragon

For more details about this event, please visit

This was a fundraiser for Red Poppy Art House and Nomadic Press.


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