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“Luna Negra: Three Generations of Women, An Infinity of Expression” - MCCLA - San Francisco, CA - 2011


In honor of International Women's Month, María Medina Serafín hosts MCCLA’s annual showcase of the creative power of women.

This year, as always, we feature some of the most dynamic women in the Bay Area performing theater, dance and song that draw inspiration from the experience of Latin American women.

Featuring performances by: 
Margarita Bac,
Maria Machetes, 
Dottie Payne, 
Theresa Dickinson & Maica Folch, 
Johanna Suarez, Saday Osorio, Hersalia Cantoral y Diana Gameros

Visual "performance" drawing in the Lobby with three generations of artist women:

Mara Lea Brown, Emma Brown & Sara Sawyer

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