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Art exhibitions, installations and events in San Francisco

Mara Lea Brown participated in various art exhibitions, installations and events when she first arrived in San Francisco. Below is a short description of some of the art events and approximate dates:

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Additional Art Exhibitions, Installations and Events:

 " I sat in the alley of an art gallery in the Castro and did portraits of individuals and couples. Approximate date: 1993-1995.


I made two large 3-dimensional dogs out of chicken wire which were used as part of an installation designed by Miguel Pérez and a group of other artists for Día de los Muertos at MCCLA. Approximate date: 2000-2005.

I created an altar for Day of the Dead at SOMArts made up of dozens of torn charcoal portraits representing people who are with us in person and/or in spirit. Approximate date: 2004-2009.

I had a solo show in a cafeteria in Hayes Valley. Approximate date: 2000-2006.

I was part of group show in a midwives' office in Noe Valley. Approximate date: 2000-2006.

I participated in the Día de los Muertos Marygold Project and created an art installation at Garfield Park dedicated to the victims of the Katrina hurricane. I created a 12 foot long skeleton of a fish out of see-through plastic tubes. It hung amidst large pieces of white cloth. I collaborated with Andrew Brown, who made a slideshow with images of water and from the news which were projected onto the installation throughout the event. Approximate date: 2005.

I created a live window drawing at Encantada Gallery of Fine Arts on Valencia Street, San Francisco. Approximate date: 2005-2009."

~ Mara


Encantada Gallery of Fine Arts on Valencia Street, San Francisco

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