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"2020 Quarantine Coloring Book"

22Quarantine Coloring Book - Complete Ve

The 2020 Quarantine Coloring Book reflects some of our shared experiences and initial responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, including feelings of uncertainty, fear, hope and gratitude. I shared one coloring page per day with my friends and family. Given the original meaning of the word “quarantine,” I did this over a period of 40 days. 


The electronic version of the "2020 Quarantine Coloring Book" is completely free. The links to the printable PDF pages are below. You can print them, color them and share them with your family, neighbors, students and friends! 

My hope is that the 2020 Quarantine Coloring Book will provide you with a moment of calm and creativity amidst the chaos. 


Enjoy coloring inside and outside the lines!



"Quarantine #1: Separate Yet Connected"

Take a break, look out your window and wave at your neighbor. Notice nature. Feel connected. 

Printable PDF

Quarantine 1 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #2: Stay In Touch"

Keep in touch with your friends and family. Make up new ways to have fun together!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 2 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #3: Building Community"

Our community is starting to look a little different. Let's make it what we want it to be!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 3 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #4: A Matter of Perspective"

Enjoy the silence.

Printable PDF

Silence copy.jpg

"Quarantine #5: Story Time"

Read a book. Tell a story. Let your imagination travel.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 5 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #6: Checking In"

How are you feeling? These are strange times.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 6 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #7: Resourcefulness."

Make a mask. Play. Rest. Create. We can do this!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 7 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #8: On the Front Line" 

To doctors, nurses and all health professionals, thank you!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 8 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #9: Safe Space" 

Find a moment to relax and reflect.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 9 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #10: Not Today"

Our plans have changed, but some things remain the same.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 10 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #11: I'm Staying Inside"

You don't need to go outside to be inspired by nature.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 11 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #12: Quarantine Time"

Time is not what it used to be!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 12 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #13: ¡Sí se puede!"

The work continues.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 13 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

¡Gracias por la inspiración, Berta!


"Quarantine #15: Working from Home"

Does the term 'work-life balance' still apply?

Printable PDF

Quarantine 15 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #14: My Teacher!"

Thank you for all your hard work and love.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 14 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

¡Gracias por la inspiración, Linda!


"Quarantine #16: Stay Inside!"

For now, we can travel with our imagination.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 16 - Mara Lea Brown copy.jpg

Dedicated to Sara and David

"Quarantine #17: Peaceful Patterns"

Make sense out of the chaos.

Printable PDF

Peaceful Patterns.jpg

"Quarantine #18: Neighbors"

We are in this together.

Printable PDF


"Quarantine #19: Health Care"

Thank you for everything you do.

Printable PDF

Medical copy.jpg

"Quarantine #20: Our Streets"

Wild animals are roaming downtown.

Printable PDF


Dedicated to Betsy and all medical professionals

"Quarantine #21: Corona Piñata"

New conditions, familiar traditions.

Printable PDF


"Quarantine #22: I Miss You"

I can't wait to be with you again.

Printable PDF


"Quarantine #23: Solidarity"

Music unites us.

Printable PDF

balcones copy.jpg

"Quarantine #24: The New Normal"

Thank you to all essential workers! Thank you for ensuring food continues to be available and as safe as possible.

Printable PDF


"Quarantine #25: Keeping Busy"

Cook, paint, do exercise or rest - there's plenty of time!

Printable PDF


"Quarantine #26: Time to Heal"

Clear skies, quiet beaches - Happy Earth Day!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 26 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #27: Love in the Time of Coronavirus"

Thank you, mail carriers - you are essential!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 27 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #28: Why Not?"

Have fun doing the things you love.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 28 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #29: Holding Hands"

Maintaining social distance is hard, but we can do this!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 29 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #30: Always Essential"


Printable PDF

Quarantine 30 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #31: The New Classroom"

Teachers are finding new ways to inspire learning. Thank you!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 31 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #32: Staying Home"

There are so many projects to be done inside!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 32 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

Dedicated to EBI teachers and students

"Quarantine #33: Dreaming of Space"

When this is over, where will we go?

Printable PDF

Quarantine 33 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #34: Constraints"

You might have to change the choreography, but don't stop dancing!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 34 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

Dedicated to Mónica's students

"Quarantine #35: Across Generations"

Enjoy every precious moment.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 35 - Mara Lea Brown copy.jpg

"Quarantine #36: Show and Tell"

What have you been doing these days?

Printable PDF

Quarantine 36 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #37: We Are One"

Reflect on the past, present and future.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 37 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #38: Social Distancing Together"

We can do this!

Printable PDF

Quarantine 38 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg

"Quarantine #39: Priorities"

Thank you to all essential workers.

Printable PDF

Quarantine 39 - Mara Lea Brown copy.jpg

"Quarantine #40: What Now?"

Will we remember or forget the things we have learned during this period of time?

Printable PDF

Quarantine 40 - Mara Lea Brown.jpg
22Quarantine Coloring Book - Complete Ve

Click here to see some beautiful and colorful interpretations of the coloring pages!

If you have colored any of the coloring pages and would like to share them here, please click here to contact me! 

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