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2020 Quarantine Remembrance Coloring Book

As we approach "el Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead," I am creating coloring pages to mourn the countless lives lost in 2020. An unthinkable number of people have died from COVID-19. Many of these deaths could have been prevented. Many lives have been cut short due to police brutality, systemic racism, homophobia, sexism and so many other acts of hatred, greed, ignorance and neglect. Role models, activists, artists and other heroes passed away this year and are no longer here to guide and inspire us in person. I am taking time to think of them and celebrate their lives. I am drawing flowers in their honor, reflecting on their significance and healing properties. I am lighting candles and saying their names.

My first drawing is dedicated to Breonna Taylor. Breonna was an emergency room technician who planned on being a neonatal nurse. One of the meanings of the peony flower is compassion.

Breonna Taylor (1993-2020)

Please feel free to click here to print, color and share the coloring pages from the "2020 Quarantine Remembrance Coloring Book."


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