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Quarantine Coloring Book Trilogy!

The 2020-2021 Quarantine Hope and Remembrance Coloring Book has arrived!

The 2020-2021 Quarantine Hope and Remembrance Coloring Book is the third of a series of coloring books completed since the emergence of COVID-19. Attempting to process the events of this pandemic has been overwhelming. Drawing has helped me pause and reflect. With these coloring pages my intention is to commemorate our collective loss and to appreciate the glimmers of hope that are beginning to emerge.

An unthinkable number of people have died from COVID-19. Many of these deaths could have been prevented. Grief was compounded as we mourned lives cut short due to systemic racism, homophobia, sexism and so many other acts of hatred, greed, ignorance and neglect. Role models, activists, artists and other members of our community passed away. The remembrance coloring pages symbolically light candles, say their names and reflect on the unique meanings and healing properties of flowers in their honor.

I began to draw coloring pages about hope when elections were taking place, and around the time the COVID-19 vaccine was first introduced. My drawings of hope reflect actions taken towards positive change at global and local levels.

The electronic version of the "2020-2021 Quarantine Hope and Remembrance Coloring Book" is completely free. The links to the printable PDF pages can be found here. You can print them, color them and share them with your family, neighbors, students and friends!

You can also purchase a printed copy by clicking here.

My hope is that the 2020-2021 Quarantine Hope and Remembrance Coloring Book will provide you with a moment of calm and creativity amidst the chaos.

Enjoy coloring inside and outside the lines!



PD: If you would like to learn more about how to purchase printed copies of any of the Quarantine Coloring Books please click here.


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