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Book Cover Illustration

The Portrait Painter

Author: Fraser Oz

Cover Illustration: Mara Lea Brown

Cover Design: Heather Bodlak

My father-in-law chose this illustration as the cover for his novel. I am so honored. The novel is a great read! Here is my review of The Portrait Painter:

The Portrait Painter will take you on a colorful philosophical adventure! The very first brushstroke captured my attention and I didn’t want the journey to end. David Oz skillfully paints an entire landscape with a single sentence - the ins and outs of a relationship with just a few lines of dialogue. He takes you on a ride where the action scenes are visually stunning page-turners! As I traveled from one chapter to the next, I rooted for the compelling characters and their love for one another.

The main character, Justin Gates, has unique powers that prove to be both a blessing and a burden. I found it fascinating to ponder how Justin comes to understand and use his insights. His actions lead to light, entertaining moments, surprising plot twists, and also some challenging turning points and opportunities for existential realizations and closure. I empathized with the moral dilemmas the characters faced, and found myself wondering what I would do in their place. Much like a beautiful yet haunting portrait, this novel stays with you long after you read it.

~ Mara Lea Brown

To purchase or to learn more about this fascinating novel, click here!


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